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who's touching Wetpaint?

Passionate fans, big ol’ companies, community groups and individuals that want to spread their love for the whatever-it-is that rocks their socks.

What is Wetpaint?

Wetpaint lets you build a rich, online community around the whatever-it-is that you’re really into. Utilizing the best features of wikis, blogs, forums and social networks, Wetpaint mixes everything you need so you can create, collect, and organize content on your own social website.

Starting is as easy as pie. Mmmm… pie.

Wetpaint makes it easy and fun to create free websites where anyone can contribute content, opinions and their mad enthusiasm for the whatever-it-is that rocks their socks. And, with the easy-to-use click and type tools, anyone can participate without a single “D’oh!”

Adding content is a piece of cake. Ohhh… frosting.

With the EasyEdit Toolbar, it’s ridiculously easy to add content or participate on other people’s social websites. You can simply click on any open page and start typing. It’s also that easy to add photos, YouTube videos, polls, or correct the inaccurate fact that only a true fan like you would know.

Don’t feel like baking from scratch? Join the fun.

You don’t have to start your own site, you can always join and contribute to another. Just use our search box up in the top right-hand corner and see who’s already started a page around any particular topic you would like to get involved in.